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We're passionate about data. Passionate about its power to help us understand and shape our societies. And we want to democratize that power by giving more people, more access to high-quality data and tooling.

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Creators of CKAN

Our team is proud to be led by the creator of CKAN himself, Dr. Rufus Pollock, president at Datopian. We are the creators of CKAN.

Pioneers in data

We are a pioneer in the data industry, with nearly two decades of expertise in developing cutting-edge data tools and applications. We built CKAN, Frictionless Data, PortalJS, DataHub.io, Flowershow, and more.

Trusted by industry leaders

We've worked for companies and organizations Google, the World Bank, and FedEx, and have successfully deployed dozens of projects for government, Fortune 500 enterprises and international NGOs.

Experts since 2004

We have built the world's first portals for publishing open data such as data.gov and data.gov.uk. the world's leading data portal platform and as such, we've been building data portals for longer than anyone else.


Open Data Portals

Whether it's for the purpose of compliance, transparency or innovation, we work with governments, companies and cities to publish data properly.

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Internal Data Management

We help you break down silos and create a seamless, integrated data ecosystem.

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CKAN Services

We are the creators, co-stewards, and one of the primary developers of CKAN. We make our CKAN expertise available to organizations worldwide.

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Data Engineering

Tailor-made solutions for your specific industry and business needs.

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We save you money

We have a vast code base and a wealth of materials from our work on previous similar projects - this saves us time and you money.

We meet your unique needs

We go beyond one-size-fits-all to give you a data solution that's crafted to be as unique as your business and its challenges.

We provide end-to-end support

We can help in each step of the process - from crafting your data strategy and generating job stories, through implementation, to training and handover to your team members.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding support and collaboration your team has offered over the past year. The agility, technical prowess, and steadfast dedication you have demonstrated are truly commendable. Your efforts have been integral to our successes, and I am deeply appreciative. I am hopeful that there will be opportunities for me to engage with future projects and contribute. Thank you once again for your exemplary contribution and for the positive spirit you bring to our work.

Shailesh Kumar

Shailesh Kumar, Analytics and Data Architect

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

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Discover PortalJS - the JavaScript framework for data portals

Rapidly build rich data portals with PortalJS: an intuitive, highly customizable and highly extendable JavaScript-based framework offering speedy development, complete backend compatibility, and with out-of-the-box support for CKAN.

Unify all data
Seamlessly unify data and content from any DMS (e.g. CKAN) or CMS with a common API.
Right out-of-the-box
Take advantage of an extensive set of ready-to-use portal components: catalog search, dataset showcase, blog & more.
Your portal, your way
Customize with ease - add routes, implement themes, use CSS & React + CSS tools.
Extend to excel
Develop/import your own React components to match evolving needs.
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