Realise your data's potential.

Datopian delivers outstanding solutions that enable your organization to realise your data’s potential. From hosted CKAN to customised data catalogs, from specialised data engineering to data strategy consultation, Datopian empowers your move from data to insight.

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Break down silos, clean the swamp, and publish with ease.

Datopian DMS

Datopian DMS is a CKAN distribution providing an open and extensible framework for data sharing and interoperability. Get out-of-the-box support for cataloging, discovery, and metadata management, standard extensions for harvesting and visualising data, and limitless ability to customize to your needs.

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Run your data catalog and workloads on our expertise.

Datopian Cloud

Datopian Cloud is our managed-hosting product for CKAN and Frictionless Data-based data management solutions. Our team has decades of experience with CKAN and working with diverse, dirty, and distributed data,and that knowledge has gone into designing an efficient, scalable and secure data management platform from ground up.

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Precise technical solutions for your business problems.

Data Engineering

Datopian’s Data Engineering Services give you access to our team of experts and our unique approach to addressing the problem of diverse, dirty, and distributed data. Work with us to identify data for your goals, and shorten the path from data to insight.

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It all starts with a need.

Data Strategy

There is a lot of talk about data-driven decision making, but what does that mean, and what does it take to get there? We’ve got decades of experience working with governments, NGOs, and enterprise exploring exactly that question, and we can help you explore it too.

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