A data platform for Open Data Day 2020

Wed, Jan 15, 2020

Paul Walsh

Open Data Day is approaching. On Saturday March 7th 2020 hundreds of groups of people worldwide will work with open data to address social, environmental and political questions. Open Data Day has been running for many years and gets bigger each year.

In 2020, Datopian is one of the primary sponsors of Open Data Day, providing financial and technical support to the Open Knowledge Foundation so mini grants can be issued, and to make it easier to work with and publish data on the day. Here, I'll provide some context and useful links for our technical support on the day.

Publishing data on Open Data Day

On Open Data Day, we welcome you to publish data on datahub.io. Datahub is an easy to use platform for finding, sharing, and publishing quality data. Sign up for an account and get started!

If you want more information on what features Datahub provides, feel free to consult the documentation, download a command line tool or app on the tools page, and visit the user documentation.

Wrangling data on Open Data Day

The various projects and activities on Open Data Day often have ambitious goals for working with data! To help with the wrangling work that is inevitably required when doing data projects, we have a list of resources that you and your colleagues can reference to help you along the way. We will expand this list as we get closer to Open Data Day, so be sure to check back again closer to the date!


Getting technical advice on Open Data Day

Datopian staff will be available via the datahubio chat channel at various times over the day. If you have questions on how to use datahub, or basic questions on working with data, we can either help in chat, or, direct you to useful resources that address your needs. Also, feel free to stop by and say hello while you are working during the day - we are a friendly bunch ;).

We will also monitor the #OpenDataDay or #ODD2020 hash tags on Twitter, so say to @datopian over there too!

We look forward to seeing you, and the projects that come out of Open Data Day 2020.