About Datopian

Our Vision

At Datopian, we're committed to a digital economy that empowers everyone. Our approach to designing solutions with our clients, and our approach to working with data in general, is informed by this commitment.

Put simply, we’re passionate about data. Passionate about its power to help us understand and shape our organisations and societies. We want to democratise that power by giving more people and organisations access to high quality data and tooling.


Datopian is a team of 20+ people lead by open source and open data veterans. We've consulted on data strategy, architected data platforms, and implemented technical solutions for numerous government, NGO, and enterprise clients world over. We count among us the creator of CKAN, the creator and the lead curators of the Frictionless Data specifications, and some of the most prominent open data pioneers and activtists worldwide.

Paul Walsh

Tel aviv

Paul is a technologist who is passionate about designing and delivering solutions for humans with data. Before joining Datopian, Paul served as Chief Product Officer at Open Knowledge International, leading a range of high profile open data and open knowledge projects, and worked in a number of competitive startups in Tel Aviv across engineering, product, and marketing. Paul also represents Datopian as a co-steward of the CKAN project.

Rufus Pollock

President / CTO
London / Paris / Berlin

Rufus Pollock is an entrepeneur and technologist who has worked on data platforms and open data for over fifteen years with governments, businesses and non-profits all over the world. He is Founder and President of Open Knowledge, Founder of Datopian and an Ashoka and Shuttleworth Fellow. He studied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, going on to obtain a PhD in Economics and become a research fellow.

Esteban Ruseler

COO / Head of Projects

Esteban Ruseler has a wealth of experience in project and product management working for one of the largest financial institutions in Europe and start-ups. He’s passionate about using agile development methodologies, with user feedback at the heart, to create data management solutions that deliver value, and have a great user experience. He studied Economics at the University of Bristol and has worked in Belgium, Chile, Germany and the UK. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing mindfulness, on a meditation cushion and a surfboard.


We value judgment over rules. Patterns over processes, processes over systems. This means, for example, we put effort to explaining why we do things not just how we do things.

We value parsimony and one way to do things. We prefer fewer systems and fewer things to know. We are happy to spend time refining and automating our processes and patterns.

In short, we value Zen - deep simplicity, nothing to add and nothing to take away. Essence, precision, elegance, rigour, frictionlessness.


Civic Actions

Datopian and Civic Actions partner to provide open data management solutions to the public sector in the USA. Our partnership is based on a shared vision of open source for open data, a commitment to transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in government. Contact Bill Ogilvie or Paul Walsh for more information, or to work with us in the USA.

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