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5 min read

The Impact of Data on the Energy Industry

When it comes to data, the energy industry is similar to any other: data can provide clarity and insight in ways that were unachievable only a couple of decades ago. There is no limit to the metaphori...

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Company News

2 min read
Hey everyone! 👋 Summer has been in full swing, and while I've managed to catch some vacation vibes, I've also been deep into code. I'm super excited to share some of the latest updates and features w...
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Team & Culture

1 min read

Internal Friday Hackathon at Datopian: MasterMinds at work!

It's Friday! Many people are waiting for the weekend while we are having an Internal Friday Hackathon! The main goal? To ship out a functioning decoupled frontend after focussed work from our develope...

Useful Tools

Useful Tools

10 min read

Note Taking Software

There are a number of note-taking applications in the market, but if you are a power user, it can be hard to find exactly the “right solution”. Depending on your needs, you may want to use several dif...

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3 min readOpen Data

New Mexico Water Data Initiative

Before approaching Datopian, the client had an existing CKAN site. However, they realized they were not utilizing its full potential and maintaining the portal on their own was not feasible.