On the Value of Data

Data has become increasingly intertwined with our daily lives as more companies collect, analyze, and utilize it—and its use is growing exponentially. Data is everywhere. IoT is opening up new possibilities in how easily and efficiently we can collect it. Breakthroughs in machine learning are creating demand for larger data sets to improve the accuracy of […]

Frictionless Data specifications Table Schema Tabular Data Validator

A Short Case Study Involving Table Schema Frictionless Specs at the European Union

The Frictionless specifications are helping with simplifying data validation for applications in production at the European Union. Do you remember Costas Simatos? He introduced the Frictionless Data community to the Interoperability Test Bed (ITB), an online platform that can be used to test systems against technical specifications — curious minds will find a recording of his presentation […]

CKAN Data Management DMS

A more decoupled CKAN: making CKAN easier to customize, maintain and extend

Currently, CKAN implicitly has four distinct components: Frontend — a component for all the “read” functionality e.g. displaying datasets, organisations etc; searching for datasets. Admin UI — for creating and editing datasets etc. API (logic layer) — the API for storing metadata and data and carrying out all the other operations needed by the Frontend […]

Datopian website

Check out our new website!

After years of work fine tuning our products and developing and expanding our services, we thought it’s time our website reflected how far we’ve come. Here’s a quick overview of some of what’s new. 1. Streamlined design Everything we do at Datopian is informed by the conviction that data has the power to drive the […]

CKAN Germany Open Data

Leveraging CKAN for publishing open data in Germany

Effective data management is crucial for public administrations, who collect large amounts of diverse data on a daily basis. They differ from other data-collecting organizations in the sense that the data they produce arguably can have more impact outside of the organisation than it can inside it. Open data, i.e. the provision of administrative data […]

Data Quality Semantics SEMIC Syntax

“Is it a bird, is it a plane?” Here’s what Datopian founder & CTO, Rufus Pollock, had to say about data quality at SEMIC 2020

In case you missed it, here’s a transcript of Rufus’ insights during the closing debate of the first digital edition of the EU’s annual semantic interoperability conference (SEMIC). Alongside fellow panelists Heather Broomfield, Ruben Verborgh and chairman David Osimo, Rufus argued his case for why data quality should be at the forefront of EU data […]

Data Management Data Quality Semantics Syntax

How to climb the Data Quality Pyramid

Whether it’s fighting climate change or finding the nearest bus stop, creating insight requires data. The higher the quality of that data, the greater and more reliable the insight. What does good data look like, and how do we ascertain its quality level? In this article, we define the varying degrees of data quality, concentrating […]

conference interoperability SEMIC

Datopian founder and CTO, Rufus Pollock, to speak at the EU’s annual semantic interoperability conference (SEMIC)

He’s speaking again! Here’s a brief overview of why you’ll want to tune in to this year’s edition of SEMIC next week to hear Rufus’ insights on interoperability. On 15th October 2020, policymakers, IT practitioners and researchers will come together to discuss this year’s theme of ‘Sustainable Data Services’ at the EU’s annual semantic interoperability […]

Digital Nomad Remote Work Travel

Traveling Datopians: #1 Patricio in Europe

August 24, 2020 by Patricio del Boca Traveling Datopians is a series of photo essays and journals documenting the adventures of Datopian colleagues, many of whom have used the freedom that comes with our remote-first culture to take their work on the road. In this edition, Patricio, a Datopian software developer from Córdoba, Argentina, reflects […]

Open Data

What is Open Data?

July 20, 2020 by Annabel van Daalen What do the Victorian physician John Snow, a Danish toilet-locating app, and our president, Rufus, have in common? The punchline: they were all inspired by open data. This article explores a term still unfamiliar to many and explains why making data open is one of the most important […]