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DataHub Cloud Launch on Open Data Day: Build elegant data-driven sites with markdown & deploy in seconds

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Yoana Popova
3 mins read

We live in a world awash with data, but it's not just about having data. It's what you do with it that counts. You're out there, data warriors, fighting the good fight. You've got insights that could change the world, or at least make someone's day a little easier. But there's a hitch. Sharing your data is one thing. Making it compelling, accessible, and downright beautiful is another. That's where the struggle lies. That's why this Open Data Day, we're pulling back the curtain on something that's going to simplify data sharing and make it more impactful.

✨ Datahub Cloud

We're excited to introduce DataHub Cloud: our latest project aimed at enhancing the way data is shared and presented. DataHub Cloud isn't about reinventing the wheel. It's about adding a new layer of polish and functionality to your data projects. With DataHub Cloud creating stunning, interactive sites from your data becomes as effortless as a few clicks, turning your data stories, datasets, and portals into captivating narratives accessible to all.

🚀 Enter Datahub Cloud v1

This Open Data Day, we're proud to present the first version of DataHub Cloud. DataHub Cloud v1 turns GitHub repositories into elegant data-driven sites. It enables you to seamlessly integrate your existing GitHub datasets into visually appealing and interactive sites, deploying within seconds. You can publish datasets and data stories, with a few clicks, and share with others.

🛠️ How it works?

We give markdown documents superpowers to make data storytelling and analysis easy.

Using DataHub you can easily mix rich text content with data and data visualizations. No need to code or embed your charts and tables: they can be added to the document with a very simple syntax, either by passing inline data or simply referencing your data files. What you end up with is a plain text, human-readable document enriched with data visualizations, that is simple to edit and looks awesome when published with DataHub.

🌟 Why DataHub Cloud Makes Sense

  • Beauty Meets Data: Create pages that make your data look like the rockstar it is, complete with all the visual flair it deserves.
  • Share Without a Care: Get your data out there, into the hands of those who need it, without jumping through hoops.
  • GitHub, But Better: Your repositories are now your greatest asset, fueling your sites with the data they already hold.
  • Your Data, Your Rules: Keep things under wraps with private repositories, because some data just isn't for everyone.
  • No More Guesswork: With guides and walkthroughs at your fingertips, creating your data story has never been easier.

🔍 What's on the Horizon

We're not stopping here. DataHub Cloud's future is bright with possibilities — think dataset catalogs for easy organization, handling random data with finesse, and managing the behemoths with large file support. We're even talking about APIs for the tech-savvy and custom domains for that personal touch.

🌐 Join our event on Open Data Day

📅 Mark your calendar:

💡 Event Highlights

  • The vision: Explore the inspiration behind DataHub Cloud
  • Features & Benefits: Understand the core functionalities and their impact
  • Upcoming Enhancements: Gain insights into forthcoming features and how your input directly influences DataHub Cloud's evolution
  • Live Demo: Get an exclusive first look at DataHub Cloud in action
  • Q&A: Have your queries addressed in a lively interactive session

🤝 Let's Connect

📝 Get Early Access

Join our waitlist to gain early access to DataHub Cloud! Early adopters not only gain early access but also enjoy special perks and have the chance to help shape the product we're all excited about.

🔗 Dive Deeper

For more information and to join our community, visit us at and connect with us on Discord. We'd love for you to be a part of our Discord community - it's the perfect spot to meet fellow data enthusiasts, get the latest updates, ask for help, and share your thoughts with us.

Transform your data into stories that matter with DataHub Cloud!

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