Check out our new website!

After years of work fine tuning our products and developing and expanding our services, we thought it’s time our website reflected how far we’ve come. Here’s a quick overview of some of what’s new.

1. Streamlined design

Everything we do at Datopian is informed by the conviction that data has the power to drive the world forward, and we wanted our graphics to reflect this. If the designs are unfinished or imperfect in their symmetry, it is because data work is never a straightforward trajectory. The world of data is messy, and many organizations are only now beginning to realise the potential of harnessing data to achieve business goals, support transparency initiatives and empower citizens. Datopian work with clients to forge their own individual data journeys and design solutions that bring method to the madness.

2. Expanded product/service pages

We offer a wide range of products, services and solutions, as well as CKAN expertise, and we do this to cater to the very multifaceted nature of data work. Datopian is not a one-size-fits-all company, and neither would you want us to be. Indeed, most of our clients request multiple services and solutions as part of their work with us. The new website breaks down all that we offer into distinct ‘offerings’, giving you a better idea of what we offer and how it can help you.

^^ If it’s CKAN expertise you’re looking for, check out our CKAN services.

3. Extra content

Datopian have the pleasure of working with organizations leading some of the world’s most prominent data publishing projects. We spent time in 2020 catching up with some of them to find out how Datopian has impacted their organization and beyond. You can read our case studies here.

We’ve also put together a number of resources for those interested in learning more about data and data management. As well as following our blog as usual, why not check out our new knowledge base or our data glossary.

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