Open Data & CKAN Training Program kicking off today

Today we're kicking off a 3-week training program with participants from the Gulf Region. The training program is designed for government agencies that would like to immerse themselves in the world of Open Data and get a better understanding of how to work with CKAN.

At Datopian we assist various types of organizations to build a talented and committed workforce through specialized training workshops that aim to deliver high-impact, interactive and creative learning material. The material is specially designed to meet specific learning outcomes, our training workshops also encourage in-depth discussion of the learning topics and thus maximize learner engagement.

Course modules

The training consists of the following modules:

  • Open Data workshops

  • CKAN workshops for Designers

  • CKAN workshops for Business Analysts, Data Analysts and others

  • CKAN workshops for Developers (e.g., Python and/or JavaScript developers)

  • CKAN workshops for DevOps engineers


Our qualified instructors have extensive experience in creating a valuable learning experience for employees from across different parts of the world. Using modern learning principles, expert tools, and targeted learning content, our trainers deliver high-impact training that engages interest, expands thinking, and transfers knowledge.

Datopian provides professional training, courses and workshops around CKAN project including software development, DevOps, design, open data initiatives, open data publishing and licensing, using data as a data analyst and/or scientist and more. Our team leverages experience gained over a decade of building open data solutions for governments around the world - UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Singapore and many other countries.

_We are the creators and co-stewards of CKAN and the leading CKAN and data experts of the CKAN project. We have been delivering open data solutions for publishing, management, discovery and reuse for over a decade.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how our solutions can help your organisation unlock the power of data._ We make data easy.