Datopian partner with publicplan GmbH to boost CKAN adoption in Germany

July 16, 2020 by Annabel van Daalen

Datopian are proud to announce a new partnership with publicplan GmbH, a German IT company specialising in open-source software solutions and IT consulting for public authorities. Publicplan GmbH is committed to the values of autonomy, freedom of information and data security.

Visitors to the German Parliament look out of its glass dome - photo by AC Almelor on Unsplash

Datopian resonates strongly with the values of publicplan. Like our partner, we too provide open-source solutions to governments and public authorities, in addition to working with NGOs and private companies. We believe in the power of data to drive the world forward and work to empower our clients to unlock their data’s potential, be it through internal data management or publishing data openly.

The potential for open data in Germany is huge. One only has to look at the successes of Germany’s internationally acclaimed ‘Corona-Warn-App’ to tell that the Germans are open-data and open-source savvy. With Datopian’s CKAN expertise and publicplan’s in-depth market knowledge, through our partnership we plan to offer the best breed of data portal and data management services on the German market. We want to see CKAN become the go-to data portal software for German enterprise and government alike.

# About Datopian

Datopian is a team of 30+ people led by open source and open data veterans. They’ve consulted on data strategy, architected data platforms, and implemented technical solutions for numerous government, NGO, and enterprise clients across the globe.

# About publicplan GmbH

Publicplan GmbH supports public authorities with a number of demanding and complex e-government projects, specialising in web and open source-based solutions. Their team consists of more than 65 people.

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