Viderum is renaming to Datopian

March 1, 2019 by Paul Walsh

Effective today, we are renaming Viderum to Datopian. All related services (including email) will continue to work as normal, and we will roll out the rebrand across all our web properties and services over the coming month. The rebrand to Datopian is a simple rebranding of our trading name. There are no changes in our business or organization, and there are no legal changes. Viderum remains our legal entity and name.

Datopian Logo

The name Datopian reflects our desire to see data used to unlock value in organisations and society – and to democratise data-driven insight and its impact. With our new management team in place, and a new set of offerings coming to complement our existing CKAN services, now feels like the right time to make this change.

Our vision is to develop offerings for the entire data management stack based on the innovative “open architecture for data management” that we have been developing over the last decade. Going forward, we will build on past and present successes of CKAN-related service delivery at both Open Knowledge International and Viderum, and also expand into a broader array of data-related solutions that meet market needs for curation, governance, and agility on the path from data to insight.

At Datopian, we are strongly committed to leadership in open source data solutions, excellence in client service delivery, and to developing strong partnerships globally. If you are interested in working or partnering with Datopian, or if you would like to hear more about our offerings, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].