Will the revolution be open?

In this interview Rufus Pollock, president at Datopian, discusses the importance of Open Data, the fact that information alone is not enough to ensure wise decision-making and the potential of Renumeration Rights to increase equality and innovation.

An interview with Rufus Pollock, president at Datopian, by Ryslaine Boumahdi

00:15 Why should we care about Information and Data when there are other pressing issues?
03:55 How does the digital age affect the economic system?
09:05 Why should people support this system of "remuneration rights"?
10:35 Reforming the intellectual property industry is a global and complex issue. What to start with?
15:38 For many people the concept of Information remains very abstract. what do you mean?
17:01 Having access to more information can be confusing. When does this become useful?
18:58 Why doesn't having more information necessarily make us smarter?
20:25 Why are you involved in these issues?
23:13 Many of us want positive change. What to start with?

Ryslaine Boumahdi is a documentary director working on a series of films on the impact and challenges of the digital information age. The interview was taken at the Sharing City Summit in Barcelona.

Datopian is a data consultancy and solutions provider led by open-source and open-data veterans like Rufus Pollock. We consult on data strategy, architect data platforms, and implement data management and data engineering technologies. We offer a variety of web development and data-related services including creating data-driven websites, visualisations and architecting and building data unification and management platforms. We develop and maintain complex end-to-end CKAN-based solutions. We also offer a CKAN-based SaaS platform, hosting & support, custom CKAN extension development, and technical consulting related to data.

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