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“Is it a bird, is it a plane?” Here’s what Datopian founder & CTO, Rufus Pollock, had to say about data quality at SEMIC 2020

In case you missed it, here’s a transcript of Rufus’ insights during the closing debate of the first digital edition of the EU’s annual semantic interoperability conference (SEMIC). Alongside fellow panelists Heather Broomfield, Ruben Verborgh and chairman David Osimo, Rufus argued his case for why data quality should be at the forefront of EU data […]

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How to climb the Data Quality Pyramid

Whether it’s fighting climate change or finding the nearest bus stop, creating insight requires data. The higher the quality of that data, the greater and more reliable the insight. What does good data look like, and how do we ascertain its quality level? In this article, we define the varying degrees of data quality, concentrating […]