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Will the revolution be open?

In this interview Rufus Pollock, president at Datopian, discusses the importance of Open Data, the fact that information alone is not enough to ensure wise decision-making and the potential of Renumeration Rights to increase equality and innovation. 00:15 Why should we care about Information and Data when there are other pressing issues?03:55 How does the […]

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Datopian, Open Data and the Environment

Datopian, Open Data and Climate Change

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OECD’s SIS-CC .Stat Suite goes Open Source with Datopian

May 12, 2020 by Audrey Lobo-Pulo With a long history in statistical software, the SIS-CC, under the OECD secretariat, recently launched the .Stat Suite in open source. To meet the challenges in making this transition, they turned to Datopian for their foresight, experience and expertise. Our CEO, Paul Walsh, spoke with the OECD’s SIS-CC community […]

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Beyond theory: does open source really matter?

January 31, 2017 by Frederic Dubois Who would have thought? When I wrote “You think open source is boring? Think again” in 2004, I never could have dreamt that it would still be relevant twelve years later. Open source is not only alive and kicking, it remains as inspiring as ever. But what are the […]