The world’s leading open-source data management software. Build everything from open data portals to enterprise data catalogs.
Whether you are looking to publish data openly or manage internal data, CKAN lets you build systems that scale.

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About CKAN

CKAN is the leading data management software. It is usable both ‘out of the box’ and as a powerful framework for creating more tailored systems. CKAN’s combination of open-source codebase and enterprise support make it uniquely attractive for organizations looking to build customized, enterprise- or government-grade solutions.


Managed CKAN in our cloud or yours. Take the hassle out of hosting.

Reliable, easy hosting from CKAN’s creators. With over a decade’s experience, we make managing CKAN simple.


CKAN expertise on demand. From the team that built it.

Fast and reliable CKAN support from those who know it best. Contact us around the clock.


Tailor CKAN to your needs. Expert help from the team that built it.

Don’t change your processes to fit a new technology. Integrate existing workflows for a solution that works around you.

CKAN makes publishing data openly a business-as-usual activity, as opposed to a specialised, ‘techy-flavoured’ task

Iain Fleming, Open Data Strategy Lead, Open Data Northern Ireland

The sheer flexibility and modular nature of CKAN really sets it apart

Doug Young, Data Cluster Coordinator, Scottish Cities Alliance

✅ Ready to go out of the box

CKAN lets you get a working data solution up and running in minutes. Create a base product quickly and start extending and customizing it as you go.

✅ Extensible, customizable, modular

Too many companies spend thousands adjusting their processes to fit a new technology. CKAN works around your existing workflows and systems.

✅ Free to use

Avoid vendor lock-in and expensive upgrades with open-source software. CKAN is aimed at those looking for a sustainable data management strategy.


Expose all of CKAN’s core features to API clients with a powerful, RPC-style API.


Share data across organisations with federated data portal networks.


Preview data stored in the DataStore through powerful visualizations.


Customize your portal to match your brand with our detailed theming guide.


Store structured data from CKAN resources with an ad hoc database.

Data search

Get to data quickly with ‘Google-style’ keyword search and filtering


Get metadata by default, as well as the option to define additional attributes, with CKAN’s rich metadata.


Upload data and image files and store them either on the server or in the cloud with Filestore.

Data management

Easily register and update datasets with an intuitive web interface.

We are the CKAN experts

Datopian are the co-creators, co-stewards and one of the main developers of CKAN. We design, develop and scale CKAN solutions for everyone from government to the Fortune 500. We also monitor client use cases for data to ensure that CKAN is responding to genuine challenges faced by real organizations. 

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