Data catalogs

A single point of data discovery. Because you can’t use what you can’t find.
Tired of manually sending files round the office? Tell Simon he can find the document he’s looking for in your new data catalog.

✅ Find your data

With all your data discoverable in one place, you can locate relevant data and avoid duplication.

✅ Standardize metadata

Build up context around your data so you have all the information you need.

✅ Evolve to a DMS 

Expand your portal with storage, data APIs, data enrichment, visualizations and more.

Build your open data catalog with Datopian DMS

Gone are the days when collecting and analyzing data was limited to the IT department. Today, working with data is a business-as-usual activity for all kinds of staff, from HR and finance to marketing and business development. Datopian DMS offers a fit-for-purpose solution to the problem of internal data management, ensuring that data is usable and used by all relevant stakeholders across your company.

Unlock Your Data’s Potential

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