Data Engineering

Precise technical solutions for your business problems.

Datopian’s Data Engineering Services give you access to our team of experts and our unique approach to addressing the problem of diverse, dirty, and distributed data. Work with us to identify data for your goals, and shorten the path from data to insight.

The experts

The Datopian team are leaders in the field of data management, with a long track record of creating and maintaining open source infrastructure for government, enterprise, and NGOs. Read more about our team’s vision and achievements here, and our role stewarding the CKAN project here.

For enterprise

Highly customisable solutions to the problem of gleaning insight and business value from diverse data sources. Our Frictionless Data toolkit allows us to take an agile approach to addressing your business problems.

  • A modular approach to data pipelines that works with all existing systems
  • An approach to interoperability that addresses data provenance
  • Powerful tools to join, transform and pivot data across hybrid data sources

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For government

Data access via a CKAN-based open data portal is only step one. Work with our Data Engineers and open data experts to get your data clean, standardised and fit for publication - data to be used, not just accessed.

  • Clean data is the first step to used and usable data, and we can help
  • Data validation to ensure high quality and consistent data releases
  • Quickly produce data standards and ensure source data conforms

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