Data Engineering

You need to unlock your data first to turn raw data into insight. Datopian’s frictionless data approach allows us to quickly catalog and connect your disparate data silos and help you connect the dots.

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Frictionless Data

Frictionless Data shortens the path from data to insight with a collection of specifications and software for the publication, transport, and consumption of data. At the heart of our approach is a deep understanding of the multi-faceted nature of data work, and an emphasis on platform-agnostic interoperability. From consumer spreadsheet software, through to cloud-based services for data analysis, the future of data is frictionless.

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Our Data Factory

Data Factory is an open framework and toolkit for creating data flows to collect, inspect, process and publish data. You can fully automate your data collection, processing, and publication with the Data Factory.

Data Package Standard

A mature and field-tested container for any sort of data

The Frictionless Data Toolkit

A rich library of integrations and adapters to work with data packages nearly everywhere

The DataFlows Framework

A powerful engine for creating and stream-processing data packages


A thorough validation tool to make sure your data is always in good shape and form.

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Why us?

We’ve connected hundreds of disparate data silos - from mainframes and old PCs running obsolete databases, to IoT sensors collecting near real-time observations in the field using this approach. We built a large library of reusable tooling, collaborating and standing on the shoulders of other open data integration frameworks, working in a variety of industries of industries in both the public and private sector.

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