Data Strategy

Engage our expert data consultants to design an iterative approach to realizing your data’s potential.

There is a lot of talk about data-driven decision making, but what does that mean, and what does it take to get there? We’ve got decades of experience working with governments, NGOs, and enterprise exploring exactly that question, and we can help you explore it too.

The experts

The Datopian team are leaders in the field of data management, with a long track record of creating and maintaining open source infrastructure for government, enterprise, and NGOs. Read more about our team’s vision and achievements here, and our role stewarding the CKAN project here.

For enterprise

Take an “agile data” approach to meeting business goals. Our consultants guide you to clarify the role of data in your project, design an enabling methodology for acquiring and using data, and an implementation plan to iterate towards your goals.

  • Work with our business analysts to define your data MVP
  • Find order in the chaos of hybrid data sources and siloed organizational data
  • Design technical solutions that are tailored to your real business needs

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For government

Having a data publication strategy is crucial to the success of any open data program, for use of data within government or the public at large. We will lead your team through data access, licensing, quality and usage, to ensure your open data program has maximum impact.

  • Tap our expertise gleaned from working with the world’s major governments on transparency programs
  • Implement a data publication strategy that can be operationalized and socialized
  • Exceed your publication and transparency goals

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