Data Strategy

Datopian’s agile approach to create value from data-driven insight enables you to identify data internal and external to your organization that can be deployed to propel your business goals.

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Your data MVP

The goal of our agile data approach is to produce your “data MVP” - a fit-for-purpose solution that demonstrates the value of data applied to a specific business goal. Our focus is clearly fixed on the business goal, and the exploration of internal and external data that can empower your business to meet and exceed this goal.

Our agile data consultants are supported by our data technology experts, who use a range of open source software solutions to acquire, clean, and apply data toward the business goal, and provide rapid insight into the current and future ROI yield of data applied to this problem.

Our methodology

Ideation (1-2 days)

Get context and develop data “user stories” i.e. what problem could data solve, what products could it help shape or build.

Prototype (1-4 weeks)

Sprint to create a really rough & ready solution. You’ll learn a lot here about what data you have, how to integrate it, whether it is right for the problem etc. Sprint can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on how much of the problem you want to bite off.

Iterations (1-4 months)

Iterate on the spike solution to get a more polished and functional solution – just like software development where there are always improvements to be made, so with “data development”. Key is to get to satisfactory quality at satisfactory cost – not perfection.

Launch (Depends on size)

Ensure that data pipelines are robust, fully automated and the algorithm is optimised.

Why us?

We are a team of data experts who have been building open source software, writing data standards, and consulting with government, nonprofits and the enterprise for over a decade. We have unique insights into the use of data towards business goals and social impact, and a passion for helping organizations use data effectively.

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