About DataHub

DataHub is an SAAS data-publishing platform that makes it faster, easier and more reliable to share high-quality data. It was created to provide a data arm for GitHub, a popular tool among many of our friends and clients that is great for publishing code and not so great for publishing data. DataHub is aimed at those who need to get data out there quickly without having to maintain their own infrastructure.

✅  Present Data as Data (not Code)

Integrate a powerful data portal with one click to start showcasing your data to technical and non-technical users.

Command line not required

Our interface can be used directly through as well as on the command line. So your non-tech people can upload their data, too. 

✅  Git + Cloud Storage

Integrating cloud storage with github to get limitless low-cost storage and built-in versioning.

✅ Free starter plan

We'll get you set up on a free plan so that you can start publishing data with no upfront cost.

Enrich your data

Good data management means good use of metadata, which is why DataHub provides additional ways to mark up your data with metadata plus add powerful data workflows.

Data validation

Ensure quality and consistency by running preset and custom validation rules against your data.

Access control

Protect and publish sensitive data with GitHub’s access control.

Data versioning

Uncover audit trails and monitor data provenance when you version your data with git.


Keep using the tool you love with the option to automate data workflows on GitHub.


Generate APIs from your tabular data in GitHub.

Scheduled tasks

Run tasks on your data with GitHub Actions.


Give users a snapshot of each dataset with automatically-generated data previews and numerous other visualisations.

3rd party integrations

Get your data where it needs to be with integrations like the GitHub Marketplace.

Unlock Your Data's Potential

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