Frequently Asked Questions

What is Datopian DMS?

Datopian DMS is a Data Management System built on CKAN, Frictionless Data and DataHub. Datopian DMS builds on these open source components to enable additional data management, data processing and data governance capabilities to securely open data inside and outside the organization.

Inside - across departments, across data silos, across projects and systems. Outside - with customers, partners, and at your option to the public (traditional open data publishing) and data aggregators (e.g., Google Dataset Search, etc.)
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Can I switch plans?

Yes. We can upgrade a Trial plan to a Starter or Enterprise plan without losing any data. Your Enterprise plan can also be downgraded to a Starter plan so long as its within the limits of the Starter plan.

What happens after my Trial expires?

We spin down the instance and archive your data for six months. If you need more time, let us know!

Can I transition from the Datopian Cloud to my own infrastructure and vice-versa?

Yes. We can help you migrate from the Datopian cloud to your own infrastructure as Datopian DMS is fully containerized. If you have CKAN running in your own infrastructure, we can migrate your data into Datopian DMS Cloud and install your compatible extensions on the Enterprise plan as part of the Initial Implementation. If you want us to keep your Datopian DMS up to date on your infrastructure, we have a Managed On-premise option as well.

How does Initial Implementation work?

Its our standard agile methodology to get you up and running quickly. It’s a 3 month engagement with 2 week sprints - Month 1 for Discovery, Month 2 for Implementation and Month 3 for Rework/Training so you can launch your DMS Beta implementation with confidence.

After the Initial Beta Launch, you’ll have a solid DMS foundation you can engage your stakeholders with and we can iterate on.

Month 1 - Discovery Month 2 - Implementation Month 3 - Rework/Training
Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 Sprint 5 Sprint 6
Requirements & User Research Sort & Prioritize Feedback
Agile Development Final Refinements
Start onboarding users
Training Beta Launch

What is the Private Cloud option?

With the Private Cloud option, we deploy a dedicated cluster in our infrastructure just for you. There are no shared multi-tenant resources . If this is not good enough to meet your security/privacy requirements, there is the Managed On-Premise option.

How does Managed On-Premise work?

As Datopian DMS is fully containerized, we can deploy a Managed Cluster on your infrastructure or preferred cloud provider (we currently default to Google Cloud, but also support AWS and Azure) and you retain all the benefits of a PaaS (upgrades, patches, etc.). We’ll need to work with your IT staff to secure remote access to your infrastructure to manage the DMS Cluster, but we won’t even have access to your production data, only to the development and staging instance data.

We still apply our Service Level Agreement commitments to the Managed Cluster in terms of patches and upgrades, and will work with your IT staff to adapt to your specific availability & support requirements.

What happens if I go over the plan limits?

We do not penalize success! As is, you get an unlimited number of datasets, editors and users. We only really track your bandwidth and storage use and if your DMS exceeds plan limits for several months in a row, we will contact you to discuss flexible upgrade options. On a Managed On-Premise installation, its your infrastructure so there are no limits. :)

Can I switch from a different CKAN provider?

Yes! CKAN to CKAN migrations are straightforward and on the Enterprise plan, we’ll help you migrate your extensions as well.

Can I switch to a different CKAN provider?

Your data always belongs to you. All our code is open source and the Datopian Cloud allows you to run your DMS on our expertise. Do note though that Datopian DMS is more than CKAN, it includes other open source components (Frictionless Data and our other open source projects.) and data services that come with a Datopian Cloud subscription. We can help you switch to a different CKAN provider, but you’ll loose some elements unique to Datopian DMS.

What are the Extension Bundle Plans?

Extensions, as the name implies, “extend” the functionality of Datopian DMS by leveraging CKAN’s plug-in framework and Datopian DMS’ microservice architecture. We’ve curated a bundle of extensions for each plan, with the Enterprise plan having the ability to develop/deploy any extension.

PLAN Trial Starter Enterprise
Simple Pages table preview
Express Loader
Odata API
Google Analytics Integration
Data Request
Disqus Extension
Data Packages
Data Dictionary
Discourse Extension
Cloud storage
Scheming (Configurable Metadata)
Data Management System Capabilities
Org Portals 2
Platform-as-a-Service; Any extension, along with ability to develop/deploy custom extensions; Development, Staging & Production instances
Managed On-Premise. Private cloud available
2 Extended Organization Landing pages that acts as mini-portals

What are your Support Plans?

The prices reflect cost per month. Support packages are invoiced for the whole initial term and must be paid in full up front before service will be provided.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Support Mechanism Self-serve through Datopian Network Online Phone/Online/Screen-share Phone/Online/Screen-share
Response Time 48 hours 24 hours 8 hours 4 hours
Support Hours 24x7 (Online) 24x7 (Online) 24x7 (Online)
12x5 (Phone)⁴
24x7 (Online)
Price US $500 US $1,210 US $2,330