Datopian Cloud

Run your data on our expertise with a fully customizable data management platform as a service.

Datopian Cloud is our managed-hosting product for CKAN and Frictionless Data-based data management solutions. Our team has decades of experience with CKAN and working with diverse, dirty, and distributed data,and that knowledge has gone into designing en efficient, scalable and secure data management platform from ground up.

The experts

The Datopian team are leaders in the field of data management, with a long track record of creating and maintaining open source infrastructure for government, enterprise, and NGOs. Read more about our team’s vision and achievements here, and our role stewarding the CKAN project here.

For enterprise

Data management as a service with full customizability for your business to process, catalog, and standardize data to your needs. Secure, reliable, and integrates with existing systems.

  • Secure hosting and maintenance, with corporate identity system integration
  • Advanced access control management keeps your data safe
  • Interoperability with existing systems reduces friction and increases buy-in

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For government

Go beyond the open data portal and publish with purpose using value-added services for fine-grained access, quality assessment, data enrichment, personal data de-identification, and more.

  • Secure managed hosting by the experts with no internal IT required
  • Automatic updates, with enhanced features and functionality
  • Value-added services to take your government’s open data beyond

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