Datopian DMS

Break down data silos, integrate diverse sources, and frictionlessly move from data to insight with our open and extensible framework for data sharing and interoperability.

Datopian DMS is a CKAN distribution providing an open and extensible framework for data sharing and interoperability. Get out-of-the-box support for cataloging, discovery, and metadata management, standard extensions for harvesting and visualising data, and limitless ability to customize to your needs.

The experts

The Datopian team are leaders in the field of data management, with a long track record of creating and maintaining open source infrastructure for government, enterprise, and NGOs. Read more about our team’s vision and achievements here, and our role stewarding the CKAN project here.

For enterprise

Datopian DMS enables companies to break down data silos, empower teams, and bring order to support data-driven decision making.

  • Centralized and standardized metadata brings order and structure
  • Advanced access control management keeps your data safe
  • Interoperability with existing systems reduces friction and increases buy-in

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For government

Datopian DMS provides a seamless experience for the preparation, publication, and analysis of open data, for both internal stakeholders and the public at large.

  • Beyond the data portal with next generation features to publish with purpose
  • Hundreds of extensions available created by and for governments like you
  • Build your open data program on open source, with the leading experts

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