Thu, Jul 11, 2019

We are looking for Developers to join our growing team implementing data management solutions for government and the enterprise using open source technologies, including many that our team creates and maintains in house.

Developers at Datopian work as part of a delivery team under technical supervision of a Senior Developer. They communicate about their work with technical and non-technical stakeholders on their team, and therefore need to be proficient in spoken and written English. Our Developers scope and define work with our Senior Developers - depending on level of experience - and are responsible for implementation of a range of data management solutions.

Most of the work we do at Datopian is in Python, and some experience implementing web applications in Python or Node.js is required. As we do a lot of work with data, experience with data wrangling, data engineering, and/or data science is desirable, as is some familiarity with SQL or other database technologies. We also do frontend development with modern JavaScript, and any experience with JavaScript, HTML, or CSS is an advantage.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implementation of data management solutions for clients, using open source software.
  • Teamwork with other developers, as well as non-technical team members, as part of agile project delivery.


  • Python
  • Flask and Django
  • SQL (SQL Alchemy, PostgreSQL)
  • Node.js
  • Angular and React
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud


Datopian is a remote-first workplace; experience in remote working is desirable (but not essential). We are currently looking for people in European and US time zones (we’re happy for people to work elsewhere provided they are available for meetings during US/European timezones).

About the engagement

  • Job type: Full-time contractor
  • Experience level: 1+ years experience
  • Role: Developer
  • Location: Remote
  • Industry: Data management software services
  • Company size:15 - 30
  • Company type: Self-funded

Apply with your resume and a short introduction letter to:    [email protected]