Scrum Lead

Wed, Jul 17, 2019

Scrum Leads (Scrum Masters) at Datopian work with Product Owners and delivery teams to ensure project goals are well socialised, sprint planning is well organised, and client needs are being met and exceeded. At Datopian, Scrum leads also take on various administrative tasks as part of our organisational structure for agile project delivery.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that goals, scope, and domain of a given project are understood by the delivery team and Product Owner
  • Running various check-ins as part of agile delivery (sprint planning, standups, retrospectives) and faciliating the work of the delivery team in general
  • Administrative activities supporting project delivery, reporting to the organization's Delivery Manager


Datopian is a remote-first workplace; experience in remote working is desirable (but not essential). We are currently looking for people in European and US time zones (we’re happy for people to work elsewhere provided they are available for meetings during US/European timezones).

About the engagement

  • Job type: Full-time contractor
  • Experience level: 1+ years experience
  • Role: Scrum Lead
  • Location: Remote
  • Industry: Data management software services
  • Company size:15 - 30
  • Company type: Self-funded

Apply with your resume and a short introduction letter to:    [email protected]

PS - Please write to us like we’re young professionals that want to know the real you and not like we’re playing some HR buzzword bingo game. You can send us a link to a video selfie if you feel that’s more you than a cover letter.