Our Work

Data Portals

Some of our most extensive experience is with architecting complete data platforms especially open data portals. Some of our major projects include:

Data.govUnited States Government Open Data Portal

Data.gov is the home of the U.S. Government’s open data. The GSA runs data.gov and a range of related services, all leveraging CKAN. The government-wide platform offers capabilities such as metadata management support, file hosting, and application programming interfaces (APIs) based on the features available through CKAN.

Data.ed.govUS Department of Education Open Data Platform

Data.ed.gov is part of the Department of Education’s (ED) Open Government initiative to make high-value datasets publicly available in user-friendly, machine-readable formats. Datopian provides a solution with a custom frontend that leverages CKAN to centralize access to ED’s public data, allowing end users to download ED datasets in bulk, read related documentation, and query data elements via APIs (where feasible) from a singular location.

Data.gov.ukUnited Kingdom National Government Data Portal

Data.gov.uk is a UK Government project to make available non-personal UK government data as open data. The site provides a central way into the wealth of government data, and aims to make that data ‘easy to find, easy to license, and easy to re-use.’ It is built using CKAN to catalog, search, display and store data.

data.europa.euEuropean Union Open Data Portal

The EU’s Open Data Portal is the single point of access to data from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union. We worked closely with the European Union Publication Office and TenForce to define the requirements for the portal and then develop the site. Our team also provided technical consultancy to the EU around deploying the site within the EU’s hosting environment.

data.humdata.orgHumanitarian Data Exchange

The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) is an open data sharing platform managed by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Our team created the data portal, customized the frontend according to HDX needs, provided strategic consulting, direction and CKAN development. We also developed a feature that allows organisations working with sensitive datasets to give visibility to their work without sharing the actual data.

energinet.dkEnergy Data Portal

Energinet is the Danish national transmission system operator for electricity and natural gas. The technical solution includes CKAN as a backend, API for data catalog and discovery capabilities, a custom frontend with visualisations of static and real-time data and various integrations with internal data sources. We developed two products: Energi Data Portal (EDP) and Energi Data Service (EDS) and a new app called “Green Energy”.

data.nationalgrideso.comNational Grid ESO Data Portal

National Grid ESO is the electricity system operator for Great Britain. Our technical solution includes CKAN as a data catalog API, a custom frontend, various customisations to data schemas, and a bespoke solution for high volume data subscriptions for close to real time data.

www.opendatani.gov.ukNorthern Ireland Open Data Portal

This is the government Open Data Portal for Northern Ireland. Datopian helped implement and launch the Northern Ireland government’s open data initiative and portal. Part of the project consisted of designing, customizing, hosting and supporting their portal, customisation of CKAN with CKAN Extensions, including various custom reporting functions on data use and data quality, as well as improving existing extensions and adding features that allowed data users to influence data publishers decisions.

www.opendata.dkOpen Data Denmark

Open Data DK is an association of Danish municipalities and regions. Opendata.dk is a central data portal where municipal governments in Denmark can publish their data. Datopian provides CKAN implementation with an individual design detached from the original CKAN layout, managed hosting, custom data harvesting, and CKAN extension development for the specific use cases of the platform.