1. Playbook
  2. Content Production

The Content Production Process


Datopian has a variety of services and products that are offered to our clients. Marketing these are important for brand building and establishing Datopian as world leaders in data services. It also strengthens our relationship with our clients and helps with our outreach to new potential clients.

This document outlines the content publication process at Datopian across multiple channels. If you encounter an issue that is not covered by this project, open an issue on the Bizdev tracker and tag one of the current maintainers (@lucasbispo or @yoanapopova.).

Content Production Overview

  • Datopian produces different types of content (such as blog posts, case studies, feature updates etc.) and some of these types follow a template.

  • Our written content aids client and potential-client understanding of what we do and the sorts of topics we are engaged in.

  • Content production is a collective responsibility.

  • We use American English for all external content.

  • Datopian has a master spreadsheet that tracks our content pipeline and status.

  • Datopian portal is coded with Flowershow, which is a tool made to make Markdown content publishing easier. So it uses Frontmatter format, which adds metadata to markdown files to be read by Flowershow and renders the information to the browser. More information according to this will be shown further in this guide.