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How to Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language, like Python, originally designed for the Web for both client and server side. It was created in '95 by Brendan Eich 1.

In the past it had mostly been used on the client side i.e. in browsers to create and control dynamic web content e.g. interactive forms, autocomplete suggestions, animations, slideshows…

Nowadays with the arrival of node.js JavaScript has also increasingly become popular on the server side.

JavaScript is not to be confused with Java. They are 2 different languages.






Testing React:

I find very useful video tutorials on YouTube channel. Guy explains things very clearly for people who have idea what react is (thought knowledge of JavaScript is pretty much required).

Blog posts are very useful if you are going to work with vega or some other visualization libraries or tools.

If you using Plotly with React, it is really useful to take a look at their own tutorials listed above.
~ Rufus

Further Resources


  1. Read more about the history of JavaScript here.