CKAN Cloud Pricing



List datasets and data files. Add metadata. View, search and browse datasets and their data resources

Organizations and groups

Have multiple organizations to better manage datasets and categorise them by groups

Authentication and identity

Sign-in to your data portal in a variety of ways from basic email/password through to SSO and beyond.

Traditional login

Traditional login

Enhanced security: require complex passwords, limit login attempts

– SAML/OAuth
– Azure Active Directory integration or similar.

Access control and permissions

Manage user roles, rights, and permissions

Standard CKAN role based access control

Standard CKAN role based access control

Standard CKAN role based access control

Custom permissions based on your business logic


CKAN has been highly deployed and tested for security.

Occasional security patches

Regular security patches and updates

– Brute force protection, Stronger password reset tokens, CSRF protection
– Two Factor Authentication

Advanced: Pen-testing

Data Integration

Import and catalog data and metadata from third-party services. E.g., data lakes, metadata management tools etc.

Bespoke importing workflows.

– Quality checks.
– Custom permissions.

Data Factory (aka Harvesting)

A Data Factory system for running data processing pipelines

Standard CKAN Harvesting

Aircan based on Airflow

Any custom data processing pipelines

SEO optimized including Google Dataset Search

Expose your data portal to the world and make sure it is easily findable via various channels.

– Google Dataset Search
– DCAT / interoperability

SEO optimization

SEO optimization

DataStore and Data APIs

Database for storage of structured data from CKAN resources. Provides rich Data APIs for querying data tables.

Standard set of Data APIs from DataStore extension.

GraphQL engine for all your data.

Integrate your other data sources and expose via GraphQL

Rich integration with 3rd party CMS e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Liferay

Use your favourite CMS solution to create static content.

CKAN Pages


Any CMS solution that provides an API to integrate.

Integration with ETL tools e.g. Safe FME, Pentaho Kettle

Jumpstart Training

Methodology to jumpstart your OD program

Online Docs and tutorials

Workshop and Q&A session.

On-demand live Q&A sessions.

On-demand live Q&A sessions.

Custom Domain

Serve your data portal from your own domain.


Datopian Cloud

Datopian Cloud

Datopian Cloud

On-prem/Private cloud available

Support Plans




CKAN Support

The prices reflect cost per month. Support packages are invoiced for the whole initial term and must be paid in full up front before service will be provided.

Available with
Standard plan

Support mechanism





Response time

48 hours

24 hours

8 hours

4 hours

Support Hours

24×7 (Online)

24×7 (Online)

24×7 (Online) 12×5 (Phone)

24×7 (Online) 12×5(Phone)