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Our clients

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Our partners

We are proud to work alongside industry-leading organizations that share our commitment to innovation, excellence, and delivering the highest level of value to our clients.

  • Civic Actions

    Civic Actions

    Datopian and Civic Actions partner to provide open data management solutions to the public sector in the USA. Our partnership is based on a shared vision of open source for open data, a commitment to transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in government. We offer innovative solutions that empower organizations to better serve their communities and meet the evolving demands of the digital age.

  • Open Knowledge Foundation

    Open Knowledge Foundation

    Datopian collaborates with the award-winning Open Knowledge Foundation to provide clients with unparalleled, all-rounded expertise spanning the legal, social and technical aspects of publishing data openly. We share a commitment to fostering transparency and innovation through open-soure infrastructure, empowering organizations to drive change and make informed decisions that ultimately benefit society.

  • Public Plan

    Public Plan

    PublicPlan GmbH is a German IT company specialising in open-source software solutions and IT consulting for public authorities. Together, we hope to boost the adoption of CKAN within the German public sector. Our combined expertise allows us to deliver tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by government organizations. By integrating CKAN, public authorities can better serve their constituents, enhance transparency for the betterment of their communities.

  • Evalueserve


    Datopian's partnership with Evalueserve, a global professional services provider, combines our expertise in open data solutions with Evalueserve's extensive industry knowledge and research capabilities. Together, we empower organizations in the UAE and beyond to harness the power of data, driving innovation and promoting data-driven strategies across various sectors. Our collaboration also emphasizes the importance of open data accessibility and transparency, fostering a culture of data sharing and collaboration for the greater good.

  • DatHere


    Our collaboration with DatHere focuses on delivering open-source data management solutions, particularly in the realm of CKAN and CKAN-related projects. We work together to build innovative and efficient data-driven solutions, enhancing data portals, and data cataloging for organizations worldwide, spanning public agencies and private sector clients. By leveraging our shared expertise in CKAN, we strive to improve the adoption and implementation of CKAN, driving transparency and collaboration across various industries.

What our clients say about us

  • We worked with Datopian since 2017 as providers of Perth & Kinross Council’s first Open Data Portal. The portal met all our requirements, was reliable, and performed well. We had a good working relationship with Datopian throughout and found their service to be responsive, effective, and delivered professionally.

    Ewan Walker
    Ewan Walker
    Data Services Team Leader at Perth & Kinross Council
  • Things like DCAT metadata standards, and making it as simple as possible for an organisation to take a dataset and put it on the portal, was very much the original idea around using CKAN.

    Cormac McConaghy
    Cormac McConaghy
  • We’re working on a CKAN platform for all our datasets - and it has been a strategic choice to use CKAN.

    Heidi Bøjlesen
    Heidi Bøjlesen
    IT Project Manager at Energinet

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