U.S. Government Open Data Portal
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Project Overview

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Our impactful collaboration with the U.S. Government on the Data.gov project has resulted in a multitude of positive outcomes. We have substantially improved the accessibility and usability of government data, making it more readily available to citizens, businesses, and researchers alike. By making vast amounts of data easily accessible, we have contributed to enhancing the transparency and accountability of the government. Further, the Data.gov project has streamlined data-sharing protocols and procedures, fostering seamless collaboration across a wide range of government agencies. This integrated approach ensures the efficient use of resources, leading to more coordinated and effective government operations.

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Data.gov is the central hub for the U.S. Government's open data, managed by the General Services Administration - GSA and powered by CKAN. Datopian has played a pivotal role in developing and maintaining this comprehensive open data portal, which provides access to Federal, state, and local data for research, application development, data visualizations, and more.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Custom data harvesting workflow using CKAN's powerful harvesting functionality.

  • Automatic gathering, validation, parsing, and normalization of metadata from various sources.

  • Advanced search functionality with keyword search and filtering options.

  • Intuitive map-based spatial search.

Services Provided

  • Custom CKAN platform development and configuration.

  • Ongoing consulting, upgrades, and enhancements.

  • Development and implementation of a novel multi-tenant CKAN infrastructure solution using Kubernetes.

  • Metadata management, file hosting, and API integration for individual agency CKAN instances.

  • Technical support and maintenance to ensure optimal platform performance and security.