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Project Overview

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Our work with Energinet has resulted in an advanced, user-friendly gateway to their renewable energy data. The platform has been a game-changer for various user groups, including schools and energy consumers, who can now access comprehensive energy data with ease, enhancing their understanding and interactions with renewable energy. Furthermore, the transparency brought about by the new data infrastructure is fostering innovation in renewable energy while simultaneously promoting Energinet's mission of a sustainable energy future.

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Datopian had the honor of collaborating with Energinet, Denmark's leading energy provider, for over two years, primarily on the development and ongoing improvement of the Energy Data Portal. As part of Energinet's mission to change the energy system and foster renewable energy usage that is both secure and affordable, we were entrusted with upgrading their data management systems for public data release and internal use. The project entailed not only the transformation of Energinet's existing CKAN 2.6 platform to CKAN 2.8 but also the creation of two key products: the Energi Data Portal - EDP (gateway to various data products at Energinet) and Energi Data Service - EDS, with CKAN.

Key Features & Functionality

  • The Energi Data Portal - EDP serves as a gateway to a multitude of data products offered by Energinet. *Note: This portal is no longer maintained by us. A capture can be seen in the Web Archive. *

  • The Energi Data Service - EDS, powered by CKAN, allows users to search and download raw datasets.

  • Integration of the Green Energy app into the EDP project, facilitating real-time visualization and understanding of renewable energy data.

  • Interactive dashboards for various aspects like Green Energy and CO2 Emissions Level.

  • A redesigned architecture that enables users to download large amounts of data in various formats, enhancing usability and accessibility.

  • Responsive design across various devices including desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, providing an optimal user experience regardless of the access point.

Services Provided

  • Upgrading the Existing Infrastructure: Transitioning from CKAN 2.6 to CKAN 2.8, and deprecating unnecessary extensions.

  • New Product Development: Creation of two distinct products (EDP and EDS) to meet diverse user needs for data visualization and access.

  • App Creation: Release of the Green Energy app as part of the EDP project, enabling real-time visualization of renewable energy data.

  • Architectural Redesign: Enabling large data downloads in various formats, boosting platform usability and accessibility.

  • Ongoing Support: Responsive to support requests, including bug fixes and feature enhancements.