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Project Overview

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The EU Open Data Portal, curated with over 6,300 datasets from 37 EU entities, serves as a beacon for data accessibility and interoperability across Europe. Datopian's collaboration with TenForce and the European Union Publication Office fostered a portal that combines multilingual capabilities, covering 20 languages, with a user-centric design. This integration is enhanced by its innovative linked data approach via a SPARQL endpoint, amplifying data analytical capabilities. The seamless integration of Drupal-managed pages with the core data catalog provides an intuitive and professional user experience, fostering deeper interactions and accessibility. This endeavor not only reinforces the EU's leadership in open data initiatives but also exemplifies global standards in data-driven governance, showcasing Datopian's commitment to excellence in such projects.

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This ambitious project involved creating a hub for roughly 6,300 datasets from 37 distinct EU bodies, showcasing the power of open data. Our team was at the helm of the CKAN-based work, which constituted the core data catalog and its related features. Throughout the development process, we coordinated closely with the European Union Publication Office and TenForce, delineating the portal's requirements and subsequently building the site. Furthermore, we provided technical consultancy to the EU for deploying the site within the EU's hosting environment.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Custom Workflow: Developed for importing data from publishers, simplifying the data ingestion process.

  • Multilingual CKAN Interface: The portal interface is translated into 20 different languages, promoting accessibility across EU nations

  • Multilingual Search: A search facility that supports multiple languages, enabling seamless data discovery.

  • Integration: A seamless blend between Drupal-managed pages and the data catalog, fostering a cohesive user experience.

  • Linked Data: Besides the standard CKAN API, the catalog metadata is also imported into a linked data store and made available as linked data via a SPARQL endpoint, enriching data availability and usage.

Services Provided

  • Partnership & Leadership: Worked closely with TenForce and led the CKAN-based segment of the project.

  • Requirement Analysis & Development: Engaged with the European Union Publication Office and TenForce to define the portal's requirements and then develop the site.

  • Technical Consultancy: Assisted the EU with technical advice regarding the deployment of the site within the EU's hosting environment.

  • Custom Feature Implementation: Developed a custom workflow for importing data, translated the CKAN interface into multiple languages, and integrated Drupal-managed pages with the data catalog.

  • Linked Data Service: Ensured the metadata is not only available through the CKAN API but also available as linked data via a SPARQL endpoint.