Humanitarian Data Exchange
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Project Overview

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The impact of the HDX platform is profound and far-reaching. By facilitating easy access to a vast repository of humanitarian data, HDX empowers organizations around the world to collaborate more efficiently, fostering faster and more effective responses to crises. Moreover, by aiding organizations working with sensitive data to safely display their work without sharing the actual data, HDX ensures data privacy and security, critical components in humanitarian endeavors.

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Datopian had the privilege of partnering with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - OCHA to create the Humanitarian Data Exchange - HDX, an open data-sharing platform dedicated to humanitarian efforts. The HDX hosts over 20,000 country-specific or worldwide datasets, gathered from more than 1,900 sources. The platform has become an indispensable tool for more than 250 organizations that share their data through it. Our team of CKAN experts not only established the data portal and customized the frontend to meet HDX's unique needs but also designed a feature that allows organizations to present their work with sensitive datasets without compromising the data itself.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Extensive Dataset Repository: HDX hosts more than 20,000 country-specific or global datasets from over 1,400 sources, making it a rich repository of humanitarian data.

  • CKAN Customization: HDX uses the open-source data management system, CKAN, customized to its unique requirements.

  • Data Privacy: A special feature that allows organizations dealing with sensitive datasets to display their work while keeping the actual data private. This feature is crucial in the humanitarian sector, where data confidentiality is paramount.

Services Provided

  • Platform Creation: We helped establish the initial HDX platform in accordance with the specific needs of the client.

  • Strategic Consulting: Our team provided strategic guidance and direction, ensuring the platform meets its purpose effectively.

  • CKAN Development: As CKAN experts, we tailored CKAN to meet the specific needs of the HDX, including the development of features aimed at maintaining data privacy and security.

  • Ongoing Support: We continue to offer our expertise to the humanitarian community, committed to helping organizations make the most of the data available to them, and better respond to crises.