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Project Overview

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The National Grid ESO Data Portal has emerged as a pivotal resource for energy professionals, researchers, and the general public. The portal has enhanced the understanding of the energy market by offering access to comprehensive, high-quality data. Users can track trends, make informed projections, and drive innovative solutions in the energy sector. Our user-friendly custom frontend allows for an easy search and filter process, thus enabling users to gain insightful data for more informed decision-making.

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National Grid ESO, a leading UK energy provider, partnered with Datopian to capitalize on our CKAN and data management expertise. The aim was to facilitate public access to essential energy data and undertake data standardization initiatives. The result was the creation of the National Grid ESO Data Portal, serving as the primary public interface for this work. Our comprehensive technical solution includes CKAN as a data catalog API, a custom frontend, bespoke data schemas, and a high-volume data subscription solution for nearly real-time data.

Key Features & Functionality

  • CKAN as a Data Catalog API: Offers an organized and searchable collection of datasets.

  • Custom Frontend: Developed with user-friendliness in mind, it facilitates an easy search and filter process.

  • Customized Data Schemas: Tailored schemas for enhanced data accuracy and reliability.

  • High-volume Data Subscription Solution: Allows nearly real-time data access, which is critical in the dynamic energy sector.

Services Provided

  • CKAN Expertise: Leveraging our CKAN proficiency to organize and manage data effectively.

  • Data Management Consulting: Providing strategic advice and implementing data standardization initiatives for accurate, reliable, and understandable data.

  • Technical Solution: Creating a comprehensive solution that includes a data catalog API, a custom frontend, and tailored data schemas.

  • High-Volume Data Subscription Solution: Developing a bespoke solution to provide close-to-real-time data access.