Open Data Denmark
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Project Overview

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The platform has emerged as a central hub for open data across a variety of municipal governments in Denmark. The platform has streamlined data access and comprehension for government officials, researchers, the general public, and more. Our services, including automated metadata translation and a clean, modern UI, have significantly enhanced the user experience and increased platform usability. The integration of their blog into the portal has provided users a seamless experience, offering the latest Open Data DK news, events, and use cases without needing to leave the portal. Furthermore, the decoupled CKAN admin portal allows admins to manage data behind the scenes, enabling a focused data consumer experience.

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Open Data Denmark, managed by Open Data DK is a joint effort between the Danish Agency for Digitalisation, the Danish Business Authority, and KL. Its primary objective is to provide accessible open data to government officials, researchers, the public, and other interested parties, covering a wide variety of topics from technology to politics. In 2018, Open Data DK approached Datopian (then Viderum) to modernize their existing CKAN portal, integrate CMS to directly feature blogs and news posts on the portal, and reduce their infrastructure overhead by migrating to a single hosting service. Our team delivered a comprehensive service package including CKAN implementation, managed hosting, custom data harvesting, and CKAN extension development, uniquely tailored to meet the platform's needs and specifications.

Key Features & Functionality

  • CKAN Implementation with Decoupled Admin Portal: This feature enables administrators to manage data behind the scenes, focusing the public portal solely on the data consumer experience.

  • Custom Data Harvesting: Collects and organizes data from multiple sources, making the platform a comprehensive hub of diverse information.

  • CKAN Extension Development: Addresses unique needs of the municipal governments served by the platform.

  • Integrated Blog: Seamlessly integrates blog posts and news directly on the portal, offering users the latest updates without leaving the platform.

  • Automated Metadata Translations: This functionality increases accessibility by enabling users to understand and explore data better.

Services Provided

  • CKAN Implementation: Offering an individual design detached from the original CKAN layout for an enhanced user experience.

  • Managed Hosting: Providing a single hosting service to reduce infrastructure overhead.

  • Custom Data Harvesting: Collecting and organizing data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive range of data.

  • CKAN Extension Development: Tailoring extensions to address the specific use cases of the platform.