Open Data Northern Ireland
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Project Overview

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The open data portal has played a significant role in amplifying transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the public sector. This project has fostered a culture of open government, encouraging commercial activities and driving economic growth. The CKAN open data portal has served as a catalyst for the Open Data NI team to imbue open government values within the public sector. Success stories include recovering £350,000 in unpaid taxes by identifying misclassified commercial properties, which provided a strong case study on the beneficial uses of open data. Recently, Open Data NI launched an ‘Open Data Innovation and Outreach Fund,’ promoting the portal's use for creating data-driven applications.

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In collaboration with the Government of Northern Ireland, Datopian assisted in the successful implementation and launch of the open data initiative and portal. Beginning in 2015 and continuing through the present day, the project involves comprehensive services such as designing, customizing, hosting, and providing technical support for a CKAN-based open data portal. The project was not limited to standard CKAN deployment; it also included a customized metadata schema, the improvement of existing CKAN extensions, and new features including the 'Suggest Data' and 'Showcases' functions.

Key Features & Functionality

  • A custom theme and a standard CKAN deployment equipped with a customized metadata schema.

  • Improved CKAN extensions for added functionality.

  • New features like 'Suggest Data' allowing data users to influence data publishers' decisions.

  • 'Showcases' feature providing access to apps utilizing open data. Managed hosting and ongoing technical support.

  • Upgrades to enhance user experience and functionality, like the modern and user-friendly interface recently added.

Services Provided

  • CKAN Customization: Incorporation of CKAN Extensions, enabling custom reporting functions on data use and data quality.

  • CKAN Theming: Designing a dedicated theme for the portal.

  • Technical Support: Provision of ongoing support over phone and email.

  • Strategy Refresh: Assisting Open Data NI to revitalize their open data strategy, facilitating easier data publishing for civil servants.

  • Future Planning: Working towards the goal of training every civil servant in Northern Ireland on open data, transparency, and open government.