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Project Overview

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The ODP has significantly simplified the process of accessing and utilizing the Department of Education's open data. It serves as a feature-rich, user-friendly location for organizing, searching, editing, and sharing data, easily accessible to users at any level. This centralized solution not only ensures compliance with the Government mandate on open data but also supports the standardized Project Open Data Schema, making data exchange simple and flexible. It demonstrates how open data portals can provide easy access to data-driven insights, helping organizations advance public health policies and practices worldwide.

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Datopian has partnered with Civic Actions to create data.ed.gov, a comprehensive open data platform inspired by data.gov and healthdata.gov. The platform provides a centralized location for the organization, searchability, navigation, and usage of their large and ever-growing open data collection. Leveraging CKAN, our custom frontend centralizes access to the Department's public data, enabling end users to download datasets in bulk, read related documentation, query data elements via APIs from a single location, and more.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Centralized access to public data, allowing end users to download datasets in bulk, read related documentation, and query data elements via APIs.

  • A modern, intuitive interface for navigating data resources.

  • Easy search of public datasets by defined metadata.

  • User engagement features such as feedback on data resources and tracking of dataset downloads.

  • A user-friendly interface for data stewards to host and share public datasets, track posts, and follow other data publishers' activities.

  • Capability to easily import existing public datasets into the catalog.

  • Automation of an agency public dataset listing compatible with data.gov requirements.

  • Interoperability with other inventories, including data.gov and the ED Data Inventory.

  • Enabled analytics to answer questions.

  • Workflow authorizations for dataset creation, review, approval, and publication.

  • Automated notifications for dataset approval and public inquiry responses.

Services Provided

  • Development and configuration of a custom CKAN-based frontend.

  • Integration of the Department of Education's public data into the platform.

  • Implementation of bulk dataset downloading and API querying functionality.

  • Ongoing technical support, maintenance, and enhancements to the platform.