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Two Decades of Data Excellence

For nearly two decades, Datopian has been building data management platforms. We combine a mature open-source framework built on best-of-breed tooling with an extensive set of associated services including hosting, integration and customization.


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At the heart of our approach is a commitment to providing tailored, innovative, and comprehensive solutions that address your unique data challenges. From open data portals and data catalogs to internal data management and bespoke data-related solutions, we're your reliable partner in data.

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We have helped create the open data movement from the ground up

We make things easy. Our team has clear, established methodologies for implementing data projects which takes the burden off the shoulders of our clients.

Pioneers in data
We are a pioneer in the data industry, with over a decade of expertise in developing cutting-edge data tools and applications.
Built the first data portals
We have built the world's first portals for publishing open data such as data.gov and data.gov.uk.
Creators of CKAN
Our team is proud to be led by the creator of CKAN himself, Dr. Rufus Pollock, president at Datopian. We are the creators of CKAN, the world's leading data portal platform and as such, we've been building data portals for longer than anyone else.
Work with notable clients
We've worked for companies and organizations like Google, the World Bank, and FedEx, and have successfully deployed dozens of projects for government, Fortune 500 enterprises and international NGOs.

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  • We worked with Datopian since 2017 as providers of Perth & Kinross Council’s first Open Data Portal. The portal met all our requirements, was reliable, and performed well. We had a good working relationship with Datopian throughout and found their service to be responsive, effective, and delivered professionally.

    Ewan Walker
    Ewan Walker
    Data Services Team Leader at Perth & Kinross Council
  • Things like DCAT metadata standards, and making it as simple as possible for an organisation to take a dataset and put it on the portal, was very much the original idea around using CKAN.

    Cormac McConaghy
    Cormac McConaghy
  • We’re working on a CKAN platform for all our datasets - and it has been a strategic choice to use CKAN.

    Heidi Bøjlesen
    Heidi Bøjlesen
    IT Project Manager at Energinet