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CKAN Training

Get expert training from the team that knows it best.

From beginners to advanced users, we provide comprehensive CKAN training to fit your team's skill levels and needs.


Professional training, courses and workshops

Datopian provides professional training, courses and workshops around CKAN including software development, DevOps, design, open data initiatives, open data publishing and licensing, using data as a data analyst and/or scientist, and more.


As the creators of CKAN, we have extensive experience and know-how that we can share with you

Our team leverages experience gained over a decade of building open data solutions for governments around the world – UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Singapore and many other countries.


High-impact, interactive learning material

The material is specially designed to meet specific learning outcomes, our training workshops also encourage in-depth discussion of the learning topics and thus maximize learner engagement.

Flexibility to fit your way

Don't settle for one-size-fits-all training programs. We offer flexible training schedules and tailored programs to fit your specific needs and skill sets.

Customized programs

Tailored training to meet your team's unique needs.

Flexible schedules

Convenient training options to fit your team's busy schedule.

Experienced trainers

Learn from CKAN experts with real-world experience

Real-world examples

Learn how to apply CKAN to your projects with practical examples.

Certification programs

Gain recognition for your CKAN skills and expertise.

Ongoing support

Choose a plan that works for your specific needs and budget, and upgrade or downgrade as necessary.

CKAN training for all skill levels

From beginners to advanced users, we provide comprehensive CKAN training to fit your team's skill levels and needs.

Open Data Workshops

Geared towards providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of Open Data principles and practices.

CKAN Workshops for Developers

Learn how to setup local CKAN development environment, develop CKAN extensions, plugins, and custom APIs, delve into harvesting, CKAN architecture, best practices, and more.

CKAN Workshops for Designers

Learn how to manage and analyze data, create visualizations, etc.

CKAN Workshops for DevOps Engineers

Learn how to work with CKAN APIs, develop CKAN extensions, and create custom CKAN plugins using Python and/or JavaScript.

CKAN Workshops for Business Analysts, Data Analysts, and others

Delve into CKAN's core features, including metadata management, API integration with BI tools (e.g. Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense etc), custom dashboard creation, harvesting for efficient data analysis and visualization.

Case Studies

case section


7 min read

An Open Data Platform for the U.S. Department of Education

The United States Department of Education focuses on creating and assisting in executing policies for—along with administrating and coordinating federal assistance to—education. Part of fulfilling th...

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the CKAN experts

Datopian are the co-creators, co-stewards and one of the main developers of CKAN. We design, develop and scale CKAN solutions for everyone from government to the Fortune 500. We also monitor client use cases for data to ensure that CKAN is responding to genuine challenges faced by real organizations.