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Data Engineering

Experts on demand to build your next data solution. Years of experience available in minutes.

Whether your data is big or small, we design and build robust systems and dataflows with your business goals in mind.


We deliver tailored solutions utilizing agile practices

We create custom data engineering solutions that meet your unique business requirements following agile development practices to ensure rapid delivery of high-quality solutions.

Experience the Datopian advantage

Transform your data infrastructure, accelerate insights, and drive innovation with our end-to-end data engineering services.

Delivered by experts

Our team of data engineers from across the globe have decades of experience to bring to your business.

Build robust systems

We use the best software practices, from test-driven development to continuous integration to creating reliable, scalable systems.

Eliminate data friction

As the creators of the Frictionless Data toolkit, we know how to make sure that data flows seamlessly throughout your systems.

Crafting your data success story

Benefit from our broad range of data engineering competencies, expertly tailored to advance data management, bolster interoperability, and support informed decision-making.

System Design

Our experts design scalable, fit-for-purpose systems that meet your business needs and drive success.

Custom Data Workflows

Design workflows to support human-machine interaction and data governance, including fully automated and human-in-the-middle approaches tailored to your requirements.

Data Specification(s)

Leverage data specifications to enhance data quality and facilitate interoperability across systems and people, using the Frictionless framework and other tools.

Integration and Interoperability

Experience seamless data access over heterogeneous data sources and data types, ensuring smooth operation and single-point access for users.

Data Pipelining and ETL

Move and transform data with modular, scalable pipelines and tooling for optimal performance.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Empower your team with actionable insights through advanced data analytics and visualizations, driving informed decision-making.

How it works

We work closely with your team to understand your unique business needs, delivering tailored solutions that enhance your data infrastructure, streamline data workflows, and improve data quality.


Together, we'll explore your current data landscape through collaborative workshops, analyzing your processes and identifying areas for improvement. Our hands-on approach ensures a thorough understanding of your business, allowing us to develop a customized data strategy that addresses your specific challenges and objectives.


We'll help you craft a complete data strategy, covering all aspects from DataOps to data privacy. Our focus is on understanding your unique requirements, including data handling, protection policies, and storage needs, all while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.


Our data engineering services go beyond merely collecting and storing data. We'll guide you in building a scalable and secure data infrastructure, ensuring seamless data ingestion, storage, and access for all users and applications. Our experts design scalable data storage solutions, data lakes, and backup systems to meet your needs and support your organization's growth.


We'll streamline your data pipelines, focusing on converting raw data into easily understandable and actionable formats. Our ETL process expertise guarantees a seamless data transformation, facilitating smooth cross-referencing. This crucial stage involves cleaning, enriching, and reorganizing data, ensuring efficient utilization by various applications and data analysts.


Information must be displayed and searched through interfaces that allow for rapid iteration, reporting, and informing different end users. Make data exploration a breeze with our customized data cataloging, visualization, and exploratory data analysis solutions. We'll help you create dynamic dashboards and intuitive interfaces that enable rapid insights for various users across your organization.


With a solid data foundation in place, we can utilize the previously built infrastructure to build advanced statistical and machine learning models to maximize the value derived from your data. Our process includes building predictive analytics, forecasting models, and navigating complex data, delivering data & insights for your business needs.

Case Studies

case section


7 min read

An Open Data Platform for the U.S. Department of Education

Building an Open Data Platform for the massive—and ever-growing—open data collection of Dept of Ed to allow easier organization, searchability, navigation, and usage of their data.

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