Enterprise Internal Data Catalog

Break down your data silos, empower your teams, and bring order to support your data-driven decision making with CKAN.

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Simplify internal data management

Businesses of all sizes are grappling with the problem of data management. The value of data in meeting business goals can only be realized if the data is usable and used by relevant stakeholders across your company. CKAN offers a fit-for-purpose, open source solution to the problem of internal data management, putting power into the hands of all team members to bring together diverse data sources and enrich data with business-relevant metadata - all without requiring large teams of business analysts and data scientists.

Small data for big decisions

We are after the big data revolution, and there is growing awareness as to the tremendous business value in “small data” - spreadsheets and reports shared in an ad hoc manner by email and other communication systems that are at the heart of every business. This type of data is as diverse as it is prevalent, and businesses need tools for consolidation and enhancement of this data in order to turn it into insight. Our CKAN-based enterprise solution is based on a proven approach that addresses key problems around metadata management, data discoverability, and systems integration, providing a solid foundation for your data-driven business.

Use cases

De-silo your data

In the absence of a dedicated data management solution, data inevitably ends up in silos, such as drives accessible only to specific groups, or worse, in the email archives of persons who created or used the data. CKAN centralizes data discoverability and supports business methodologies for quality curation of shared data, all with powerful permissions and access controls.

Bring order to your data swamp

Data lakes quickly devolve into data swamps. The key to bringing order to your swamp is the creation and maintenance of high quality metadata by the teams that actually use the data - not just the IT department. CKAN makes metadata management simple and powerful.

Democratize data access in your organization

“The best thing to do with your data will be thought of by someone else”. Creative businesses recognize the need to empower their team, in order to create a high performance work culture that delivers on business goals. For data-driven businesses, wide data access becomes even more crucial.

Open source and open standards

Our Enterprise Data Catalog solutions are based on open source software and open data standards. The team at Datopian contributes to, creates, and maintains many popular data management solutions, including CKAN, Frictionless Data, and more.

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