Open Data for Governments

Government is the most mission critical of enterprises. And it generates and captures a lot of data - data about us, for us, and paid for by us. Go beyond open data, let’s take the next step and unlock your data’s potential.

Unlock your data

Open Data for All

You need to make the Data secure and useful for everyone. You need to open data Inside government - to increase efficiency, communication and data-driven policy and decision making. And Outside government - to garner trust, inform constituents and foster innovation.

Datopian DMS enables the next generation of Open Data.

It starts with Data Management

According to DAMA International:

Data Management is the development, execution, and supervision of plans, policies, programs, and practices that deliver, control, protect, and enhance the value of data and information assets throughout their lifecycles.

Each organization’s data landscape is unique. And software is but one piece of the puzzle in a comprehensive approach. That’s why we built Datopian DMS as an open framework as you embark on your data management journey.

Your Data Management journey partner

Publishing Open Data is but one step in your data management journey - it’s about understanding how all the parts of your organization gather data and developing the standards that make it high quality data. It’s about mapping your real life processes to online workflows. It’s making your data not only available, but easy-to-use, so you can build data-driven applications, make evidence-based policy decisions, and help community organizations get the information they need to support the public.

Our Products and Services for Government

Strategic Consulting

We’ll work closely with your team to design, develop, or improve your Data Management program. Whether you’re looking to solve a specific problem or just don’t know where to start, we can help surface your needs and challenges, align stakeholders around your goals, and create step-by-step plans to help you achieve your mission.

User Experience

Learn more about your data sources, data publishers, and data consumers. We’ll engage your users at all levels in research sessions that surface their needs and priorities, develop personas, map your user stories, and provide gap analyses that help you build a roadmap. We design processes and interfaces, collect feedback from users, create and facilitate usability tests, and provide recommendations that help you structure upcoming work. We’ll help you involve all the parts of your Open Data program, so you can move everyone toward your goals.

Security and compliance

We go beyond government compliance standards to create true security standards and solutions that keep our government services safe for our institutions and our citizens. Our security team makes security agile, able to anticipate and adapt to the latest threats and continually be creating the best safeguards against those threats, so you can feel secure with your technology solution.

Data Standards and Implementation

We’ll work with you to develop standards that help you make your data more useful internally and for the public. Our team has extensive experience creating open data standards for general and domain specific data. We specialize in an approach called “Frictionless Data,” essentially separating the raw data completely from its file format, validating it against standards, and packaging it “data packages” that allow it to move seamlessly between tools and formats.

And our tools allow you to map your data against the standards you select and see cell-by-cell where uploaded data doesn’t match your standards, so you can tidy up your data through our easy-to-use interface. The tool will then output your checked data as a data package, making it seamlessly compatible with your portal, immediately available via API, and easily integratable with any other data aligned with your standards.

Data Catalogs

May it be an internal enterprise data catalog or a traditional open data portal, Datopian DMS has it covered. It supports robust, standards-compliant metadata options, resources in almost any format, powerful search, permissions and group options, data harvesting from other sources, extensive API options, and much more. Our solutions are configurable, extensible, and even customizable to meet your exact needs.

Data Analysis Tools

Automatically create a dashboard of beautiful visualizations using our tools that read your data packages to generate beautiful charts and graphs. Or visualize your data on a map with relevant geographic breakdowns and options for viewing by any filter you choose. Feed your fiscal data into our tool that generates the most common, valuable visualizations for your budget and spending. Or create a bespoke dashboard, chart, graph, or map that helps analyze and interpret your data in any way you need.

Support, Maintenance, and Helpdesk

Our support packages include hosting, regular upgrades, 24/7 security and incident monitoring and response, on demand consulting and development hours, and helpdesk services that give you direct access to our team.

Training and Onboarding

We’ll help all your stakeholders understand what makes data Open Data, why it matters, where it comes from, and how it gets used. We provide training in Open Data best practices - borrowing heavily from leading schools of thought at GovEx and School of Data, using your tools, and using your data. We’ll help you onboard new agencies, from giving them the information they need to join your program to migrating their data to building the processes they need to participate.

Agile, Open Source Engineering

Working with our team provides the efficiency of our out-of-the-box solutions, combined with the flexibility of custom development. Our team uses Agile processes to ensure transparency, adaptability, and collaboration on our work, taking into account stakeholder feedback, shifting needs, and new discoveries to build solutions that meet your exact needs.

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